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Jardin, aka Lény Bernay, is a transdisciplinary French artist who lives and works between Brussels, Paris and Bordeaux.


Bernay defines his practice of contemporary music as a total artistic practice. ‘ÉPÉE’ – “sword” in English – was produced entirely by Bernay and is a testimony of the artist’s queer, social and humanist gaze over our urban, tech-infused and policed society. Bernay is also involved in urban agriculture, and soon to be a master composter, seeking to make his enthusiastic and combative statement and commitment even more visible: Yes Future.

ÉPÉE’ was packaged with the poem 'I'M A GHOST NOW' written by Bernay which can be viewed by clicking the image below:

Drawing: Benjamin Mengitsu Navet

Goswell Road introduced Bernay to artist Patrick Weldé in 2017, who worked in collaboration to create all of the images for ‘ÉPÉE’, shooting the album artwork, a photo for each track, and the video below:

Video: Down (Eternal Submission) - Jardin, directed by Patrick Weldé from ÉPÉE

We have created this exclusive 'YES FUTURE' tee shirt with Jardin - in a strictly limited edition of 50 examples - for our Special Guest Project at Liste Art Fair :

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Listen to the album in it's entirety using the player above, and link to the bandcamp page to purchase it and support the artist.

‘ÉPÉE’’, Jardin, Cultural Workers & Le Turc Mécanique (2018)

Produced by Lény Bernay
Cover Photo by Patrick Weldé