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(iii)         Raphaël Fanelli                                                                                                    CADAVERE

               Goswell Road

               18 rue de l'Échiquier, 75010

Exhibition 25th March - 3rd April 2017


La chair de poule

Les instants chavirés

La petite porte

La station

Le mouton blanc




Le chinois

Le château d'eau


Life is in every way more interesting than art, Raphaël Fanelli, 2017


A sixty-page photo book, published by Goswell Road, with the works photographed by the artist, accompanies CADAVERE. The book launches at the opening, and is also available online


Raphaël Fanelli is a French artist living in Paris. CADAVERE is Raphaël Fanelli’s first solo show and the book accompanying the exhibition is his first book.