4fucksakebabes, curated by Jamie Bull

22 rue de l'Échiquier

75010 Paris

+33(0) 658 17 71 53


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(xiv)       Group show curated by Jamie Bull                                                    4FUCKSAKEBABES


              Goswell Road

              22 rue de l'Échiquier, 75010

              door code / code porte 80A24

A group show with Anonymous Artist, Mark Anzalone, Will Benedict, Yuma Burgess, Italo Crovetti da Ponte Ribeiro, Babe Enet, Olga Mikh Fedorova, Sasha Ferentzy, Isamaya Ffrench & Freeka Tet, Joseph Haxan, Tissue Hunter, HQAdd, Kouiichi, Jim Krewson, Nasir Mazhar, Claudia Maté, Tim Novikov, Tim Noble, Joe Pascale / Young Gun Motion, Ewa Poniatowska, Lorena Infantes PradaWill Rahilly, Roberto Sanchez, Stefan Schwartzman, Mark Scott Wood, Paulina Otylie Surys, Cooper Treuhaft, Jaimie Warren, Gray Wilelebinski and Rafal Zajko.

Curated by Jamie Bull (https://www.instagram.com/4fucksakebabes/)

Opening Friday 11th October, 16H30 - 21H

Exhibition 11th - 26th October 2019

The exhibition is part of the Paris Avant Premiere initiative. 

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(1) ””For fuck’s sake”, meaning “I can’t believe this shit, I demand you to stop”” Urbandictionary.com