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‘Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry’

by Speaker Music, aka DeForrest Brown, Jr., USA

Speaker Music, aka DeForrest Brown, Jr., a rhythm analyst, media theorist and curator based in New York City. 

Brown’s album was released on Juneteenth 2020 as a sonic response to past and present events still unfolding. Packaged with a 60-page zine of collected writings by Black theorists and poets providing further context, ‘Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry’ channels the modernist Black tradition of rhythm and soul music as an intellectual site and sound of generational trauma, bursting through the frames of Western music and thought.

The 60-page zine can be viewed by clicking the image below:

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Listen to the album in it's entirety using the player above, and link to the bandcamp page to purchase it and support the artist.

‘Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry’, Speaker Music, Planet Mu (2020)

Produced by Speaker Music (DeForrest Brown, Jr.)
Cover Photo by Ting Ding