Mass, a Group show at Haus, Vienna

22 rue de l'Échiquier

75010 Paris

+33(0) 658 17 71 53

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(xix)   MASS

           A group show curated by Goswell Road at Haus


           Kobelgasse 3, 1110 Vienna



Featuring, Inga Danysz, Alison Flora, Zero Kama, and Ruiz Stephinson

Opening Friday 21st September, 12H00 - 18H00

Exhibtion, 21 - 27 September, 2020

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1. a large body of matter with no definite shape.
2. a large number of people or objects crowded together.
involving or affecting large numbers of people or things.
assemble or cause to assemble into a single body or mass.

Exploring the mass that passed through confinement, this extraordinary moment of group health and the importance of human kindness.


Goswell Road would like to thank Haus for including us in this inaugural edition and

Jacqueline Neubauer for the documentation photographs.