Nick Zedd, 'They Eat Scum' screening

22 rue de l'Échiquier

75010 Paris

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(xxxi)  Nick Zedd                                                                           'They Eat Scum' (1979) screening

Saturday 18 March, 2023

Three Seances:

16H & 18H & 20H

** Please note the film lasts for almost 1h20.
If you wish to watch it in its entirety, please take note of the screening times above **


One year ago, filmmaker Nick Zedd passed away. He left behind him a legacy of transgressive film, painting, and writing that is still being misunderstood. We were proud to present his first solo show in Paris with him in 2020 and to host what would become his final public conversation with writer Marie Canet, which we later published in our ‘A conversation’ book series.

To commemorate the anniversary of his passing, we are screening his first feature film ‘They Eat Scum’ (1979) on March 18th in the space and will have copies of the publication available for sale.

“Uniformly revolting.” Amy Taubin on They Eat Scum, The Village Voice, 1979

Image: Nick Zedd, They Eat Scum, Hand-Colored Xerox, 1979 / 2013