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Chris Korda

Exhibition 9 September - October 7, 2023

open Saturday 14H - 19H (& by rdv)


Any outcome is inevitably shaped by the tools used to achieve it. In industrial civilization, most people use the same standardized tools and achieve similarly standardized outcomes. But imagine discovering a tool for making tools. The outcomes are now limited only by toolmaking skills. This is how computer programming changed my life.


Korda in conversation with Goswell Road, August 2023


Goswell Road proudly presents Adagio For Color Fields an audio-visual work by Chris Korda. For the past 30 years, Korda's work has spanned avant-garde performance, culture- jamming, photography, video, audio and so much more - through her work as an engineer, coder and software developer, blurring the lines between art and technology, remains less known.

Adagio is controlled by a computer that uses a single algorithm to generate audio and video in real-time. Hence, the eyes and ears receive precisely synchronized content that may be experienced as seeing music, hearing colour, or both. Korda describes Adagio as a synesthesia machine and asserts that it is synesthetic phase art.

In the publication that accompanies the exhibition, we asked Korda:

Do you consider (your) software as a form of activism?

The free software movement seeks to obtain and guarantee the freedoms to run, study, modify, and share software. The struggle against the proprietary enclosure of software is a type of intellectual property activism, but it’s not at the level of the civil rights movement, environmental movement, and so on. I distribute my software freely because doing so advances the state of the art, and because free software is a step towards a more altruistic, gift-based society.

Korda in conversation with Goswell Road, August 2023


Artist bio:


Chris Korda (b.1962) is an American antinatalist activist, techno musician, software developer, multimedia artist and founder of the Church of Euthanasia.