Paris Internationale 2023, 4FSB

22 rue de l'Échiquier

75010 Paris

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(t)          4FSB                                                                                   PARIS INTERNATIONALE 2023


              17 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

              75010 Paris


(t) 4FSB


October 17—22, 2023

Goswell Road returns for a third time as one of the non-profit spaces chosen to exhibit at Paris Internationale 2023, hosting a solo booth with British artist, 4FSB.

For the fair, 4FSB painted 33 caps by hand, that were presented against the backdrop of his actual bedroom which is also his studio in Bethnal Green, London. In his room, we see art references from his personal collection, some real, some fake (a self-printed Will Benedict) emphasising his relationship with the artworld and his fandom. Several of the artworks that are visible in his 'room' were shown in the group show he curated at Goswell Road in 2019.

Artist bio:

4FSB aka Jamie Bull is an artist, designer, and curator based in London, United Kingdom. Their work provokes pre-conceived social trends, drawing playfully upon the grotesque to derive a subversive quality from ordinary symbols and everyday life. Bull takes a viral marketing approach to image-making, exploiting trend creation to offer a distorted perception of networked societies. This view comes alive through countless portraits of filtered faces, mass-manipulated into ghoulish characters