Thomas Jeppe, Temple Gate Bouncer

22 rue de l'Échiquier

75010 Paris

+33(0) 658 17 71 53

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(xxxv) Thomas Jeppe                                                                                    TEMPLE GATE BOUNCER


Thomas Jeppe

Exhibition January, 20 - February 16 2024

Open Fridays & Saturdays only 14h - 18h & by rdv:

Three paintings concerning the controlled threshold of transcendental space.

With protest banner/broken Swatch alpine horns and illuminated support structure.

Bio: Thomas Jeppe (b.1984) lives Paris/Como. Recent shows include Paris Internationale with After 8 Books, Inversion 2/The Mask at Conradi Hamburg, Bourse de Commerce with CS & Kreme, Paris End at YSL Melbourne, After Hours at Balice Hertling and Cabrón Footprint at BWS Mexico, etc.