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(vi)         Harilay Rabenjamina                                                                                          TRAG&DIE


               Goswell Road

               18 rue de l'Échiquier, 75010


Performance, 21st October 2017




nous avons marre des gens qui croit ce qu'il voit!!!

Les gens juge sans cesse sans connaitre qui on est.

De ce fait nous avons produit cette film de clip pour que les gens comprene vraiment qui on est.

Pour que les gens comprene :)





Text extract from the film Trag&Die, 2017


Harilay Rabenjamina performs Trag&Die at Goswell Road, a multi-faceted work featuring video, voice and installation. Trag&Die was originally performed during the collective group show GUM which was held on Saturday 30th September 2017 during the Weekend Art Contemporain in Bordeaux (http://wacbordeaux.com/), with the kind support and invitation of EBABX (Ecole d'Enseignement Supérieur d'Art de Bordeaux).


Harilay Rabenjamina (b.1992) is a French-Madagascan artist living and working in Bordeaux, Trag&Die is his first solo show.


Goswell Road co-edited the book GUM with EBABX to accompany the performance featuring documentation and works from all ten artists in the first show, and several new works conceived for the edition. It launched alongside the performance. The artists featured in GUM are: Cristiano De Amorim, Nicolas Austin Legros, Manon Bendler, Sophie Deltombe, Antonin Fertillet, Anouk Lalanne, Thiên Ngoc Ngô-Rioufol, Harilay Rabenjamina, Luz Rueda, and Cïle Vezza.