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David West


Publ. by Goswell Road, October 2018

ISBN 979-10-97061-13-5

Softcover (14.8 x 21cm)

64 Pages

50 copies

All copies are hand numbered


Price: 15 €


These drawings date from 2001 - 2003, done either in NYC or Paris, where I’ve been since early 2002.


Freddie, who became a working Shop Cat, was adopted by the illustrious Kurland family - Hannah, her daughter Vita, sisters Justine (noted photographer) and Yetta (noted political flack), and Alice O’Malley (another noted photographer) - living for a time at Hannah Kurland’s boutique on Ludlow street on the Lower East Side. My girlfriend at the time, now my ex-wife, had her design atelier in back for a while, and we both fell for this cat. He stayed with us sometimes.


After we left town, I heard he got hurt running across the street, and became an apartment cat, living upstairs with the Kurland crew. Lucky chap. I wound up hating the story I’d devised for this, but thought, ‘hey - some of the drawings are ok by themselves’ and ‘who in the fuck needs a storyline anyway?’ Drivel.


David West, Paris, 2018