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‘Love & Power’

by No Bra, aka Susanne Oberbeck, USA

No Bra, aka Susanne Oberbeck, is a New York City-based electronic musician, producer, performer and filmmaker. 

Oberbeck’s album is a challenge to power hierarchies and binaries, imagining a future of relations outside traditional structures. ‘Love & Power’ muses on sadomasochism, cruising, the seemingly inextricable link between sex and money and populist politics, while fantasising about a utopian world. Goswell Road presented Oberbeck’s film and photographic works, alongside earlier No Bra lyrics, in 2018, in a duo show with Rckay, entitled “Body and Commodity”. 

Video: Who is the God - No Bra feat. Abdu Ali, from Love&Power

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Listen to the album in its entirety using the player above and for all booking or press inquiries email: info@nobra.co.uk

'Love & Power', No Bra, Muskel Records (2019) 

mixed by Marta Salogni
mastered by Rick Essig
album cover by Wolfgang Tillmans
written, recorded, performed and produced by Susanne Oberbeck
4. vocals/lyrics written, recorded, performed and arranged by Abdu Ali and Susanne Oberbeck
5. lyrics written by Rckay Rax and Susanne Oberbeck