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Nothing but Time

Mare Vint | Francesco Tenaglia

Ed. Francesco Tenaglia

Publ. Goswell Road, 2021

ISBN: 979-10-97061-25-8

Softcover (11 cm x 18 cm)

98 Pages

100 copies

Language : English only

Price: 10 €

"This short narrative essay is to be interpreted as a reverie sprung from the admired observation of the works of Mare Vint. The author does not dare to claim to have penned a grounded critical analysis in this book, nor to have reflected the artist’s intentions and ideas regarding her own production or to tackle her position within the Estonian or international art history. Therefore the invitation is to read the following pages as a fiction, a series of spontaneous reflections born from the enchantment for these extraordinary artworks."

Preface by the editor, Tenaglia

All images of Mare Vint’s works are reproduced with the kind permission of the Art Museum of Estonia (AME), Tallinn. The images represent works in the collection of the AME, photographed by Stanislav Stepaško.